woven cloth

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  • Brand   XINYE
  • Type   BW1
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 Base Material: (1) HDGI     (2) ALUZINC      (3) CR            (4) ALUMINIUM
 Thickness: 0.18~1.2mm for (1) HDGI    (2) ALUZINC      (3) CR 
                    1.0~1.5mm for (4) ALUMINIUM
 Width:≤1250mm  Zinc Coating:60-200g/m² 
 Pattern:Woven Texture
 Coating:Top coat 5 + 15um , 5+20um, Back coat: 5-15um
 Paint:PE,PVDF,SMP,HDP,EC        Coil Id:Ф508mm          Coil Weight:≤6t  
 Production Capacity:60,000 t/year


1.Construction: roof and roof component, outside walls of civilian and industrial buildings, garage doors and window blinds., soundproof walls, pipes and modular housing 

2. Houshold appliances:washing machine, refrigerator, television, gas furnaces, air conditioner
and ventilation system, microwave oven, Vacuum cleaner, solar water heater electrical cabinets and other

3.Transportation: car ceiling, auto Industry Muffler, heat shields of exhaust pipe and catalytic converter, the ship bulkhead, highway  fence. 
4. Industry: industrial Instruments Electric control cabinet, industrial refrigeration equipment, automatic vending machine

5. Furniture:lampshade, counter, signboard and medical facility etc.

6.Agricultural: Other barns, sheds, silos, pipelines and other greenhouse use: heat insulation cover, heat exchangers, dryers, warm water, etc.

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